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coupled with local expertise.

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Under Benan Cem’s management, Brantail Consulting puts you in touch with relevant business contacts in the metropolis of Istanbul and across Turkey.

Benan Cem is a proven expert in international business management and German-Turkish trade relations. With her network of high-calibre lawyers, accountants, architects, marketing agencies, logistics companies, market-research institutes, HR service providers and estate agents, Benan Cem offers her customers decisive insights and inspiration for an excellent market entry, all under one roof.

Long before Benan Cem became a member of MIDETI – the innovation network supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for highly qualified German-Turkish returning expatriates – she was a passionate promoter of strong links between Germany and Turkey, and of the associated positive effects for the economies of both countries. She possesses wide-ranging know-how of trade in consumer products, both in Germany and Turkey – from sales right up to high-level management.

With a sixth sense for up-to-the-minute trends in German-Turkish markets and a deep understanding of end consumers’ buying behaviour in both countries, Benan Cem is set apart by the knowledge she has acquired from the ground up. She feels truly at home in both markets. In international consumer-product trade, she set new standards by becoming the first category manager to introduce organic cosmetics and organic food brands to drugstores, opening this category of goods to conventional sales channels. Benan Cem is adept at turning her deep knowledge of various shopper insights and consumer habits into strong marketing strategies that bring clear benefits to her customers.

Our values

A set of fundamental principles are at the core of everything we do at Brantail Consulting. Our values determine how we behave and shape our working practices – high standards that we measure ourselves against daily. Amongst our most important values are:


We only advise our customers in areas in which we are demonstrably qualified. Across the board, discretion goes without saying.


For us, objectives and deadlines are more than aspirations: they are promises we keep. A company culture that enables growth and trust can only be built on foundations of reliability, consistency and punctuality.


As consultants, we provide the neutrality that only an independent third party can. Our recommendations follow impartial rules, taking into account all risks and opportunities. This applies especially when making decisions relating to business co-operations.

  • 18 years’ proven experience in the German-Turkish trade market
  • General Manager for brand development and during the expansion phase at the German drugstore chain ROSSMANN in Turkey
  • Expert in market entry and product management for international brands in Turkey
  • Member of the Turkish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • International speaker at congresses
  • Lives in Istanbul and Hamburg

“We know where the doors to Turkish trade are. We can guide you to them and help you open them. As you grow, we grow with you and vice versa.”

Benan Cem