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As an international company, you will enter the Turkish market with a considerable head start on the competition. This is because international companies are highly respected – both by Turkish business partners and end consumers.

Our services ensure that you can make full and best use of this head start and of the many other opportunities and support programmes that international investors enjoy. You can rely on us as a partner and grow with us, step by step.

Phase I

Target market + analysis of opportunity-risk profile

A market analysis gives you a sound basis for subsequent decisions. Based on current, business-relevant data and market-research studies, we collate the most important information about your target market in Turkey and analyse it for you.

  Market-potential appraisal

For a result-oriented market-entry strategy, you need to understand your market potential as well as your market-entry barriers. Our opportunity-risk analysis provides you and your business with relevant information in a condensed form. In doing so, we also take into account current consumption trends and market tendencies within your target market.


We show you who your competitors are. What do their prices, advertising strategies, and distribution channels look like? The results of our research give you valuable information about the correct strategies for your market entry and structuring your business.


An important success factor is choosing where to locate your business activities within Turkey. The decisive criteria are proximity to customers, purchasing power, competitors, costs, infrastructure and HR policy.

  Target groups

Your offering may well be extremely sellable in Turkey – but only if you know your target groups and their consumption habits. What motivates your customers to make purchases? What age and income brackets do they fall into?

To better understand how your goods and services fit into Turkish consumer culture, you can take a first-hand look during a market evaluation trip. We are happy to organise it for you. Accompanied by a guide who speaks the local language and knows the country, you will get to know local target groups and potential customers.

Phase II

Develop market entry strategy + business structure

An intelligent, target-group-oriented market entry strategy is the map that safely guides you to high revenues. Brantail Consulting accompanies you through this phase with commitment you can rely on – from advice on possible sales channels and applying for public funds, right through to initial contact with potential co-operation partners.

  Potential business partners

For around half of businesses seeking to expand, a lack of suitable business partners is a barrier to entering foreign markets.

With Brantail Consulting, you will find appropriate, competent business partners in Turkey. We will support you in your search for distribution partners, conduct research into contact persons (e.g. directors of business or procurement) and carry out the selection of, and first contact with, potential large-scale customers.

Together we can overcome every hurdle and find partners that take you forward quickly.

  Target group segmentation

To gear your product and service offering to the Turkish market, knowing your customers as well as possible is a must. With target-group or customer segmentation, together we ascertain the differences between your existing target groups and those in Turkey. The higher the accuracy with which we can profile your potential customers, the more accurately we can target them.

How do your customers conduct research; where and how do they shop? To what degree should your target group’s web-savviness be considered? The answers to these questions have crucial implications for your market exploitation.

The better you know your end customers in advance, the more dynamism your market-entry strategy can unfold.

  Product-range development

Successful brand management and the targeted establishment of a country- and customer-oriented product range go hand in hand. Because whether your offering is attractive to customers will become apparent when it is on the shelf, where around 70% of purchase decisions are made.

The basis of an ideal product-range development is the analysis of consumer habits as well as shopper insights. They describe what, where, how often and why a customer buys. Based on these insights, POS-oriented marketing strategies can be used to take your product range in a particular direction.

  Sales concept and sales strategy

What sales strategy works for you? Direct sales, wholesale, retail? Or a network of trading partners?

To answer these questions, it is first necessary to analyse how your product can best reach your target customers in Turkey – in a suitable form, a large enough volume, at the right time and through the ideal channels. The detailed examination of all these factors is at the heart of the sales concept that we draft for you. Building on top of this sales concept, together we make an informed decision about the choice of sales strategy.

Brantail Consulting also advises you on commercial transactions (mergers and acquisitions), joint ventures, or founding a subsidiary with the assistance of our experienced lawyers.

  Communication concept and marketing strategy

Would you like to address new target groups, optimise your image and coverage, expand your market, and increase your revenue? Brantail Consulting will develop an individual communication concept for you that addresses your desired target groups in Turkey, as well as a communications manual containing clear positioning and succinct messages.

To what degree must young Turkish consumers’ high level of digitisation and internet-savviness be taken into account? The cultural and consumption habits of your target group are essential to a successful country- and market-specific marketing strategy and to a nuanced market cultivation. With a target-group-specific catalogue of activities, including a project plan and impact assessment planning, we blaze a trail for you.

  Public assistance consulting

A wide range of support programmes facilitate market entry for international firms in Turkey. They consist of direct subsidies on the one hand, and of in-kind assistance in the form of low-interest loans, writing off VAT and customs duties, sometimes paying social insurance contributions for you, allocation of land, and tax relief on the other. Generally, these forms of assistance are tiered according to the type and volume of your investment, branch, and the region. A complicated mesh that we can untangle and present to you clearly in the form of facts and figures.

Phase III

Establishing processes + business co-operations

We advise and support you in implementing your personal market-entry strategy. Our focus is on establishing your operative processes and turning your supply-chain management into a well-oiled machine. Together, we get your business in Turkey up and running.

  Efficient business contacts

Effective co-operations with local partners and service providers form the foundation of your business success. We proactively support you in communicating with business contacts and in establishing a well integrated supply and value chain with Turkish co-operation partners. We carry out preparation, accompaniment and follow-up of conferences and negotiations as well as accompaniment to trade fairs and providing staff for your stall. For us, an important task is introducing you to local customs and Turkish business etiquette. This gives you confidence when interacting with your new Turkish business contacts.

  HR and Interim Management

When entering a foreign market, an Interim Manager is often a key role. With them, you can bring into your business the exact expertise and operational skills that you need – for example, for building up and maintaining your sales operations locally. Additionally, your Interim Manager can get started immediately. Right from day one, your Turkish workforce can get to know a top manager who covers all required skills.

Brantail Consulting can also recruit staff for you. Together with specialised HR agencies in Turkey, we can procure motivated, well educated candidates who are an excellent fit for your company.

  Brand representation

Brantail Consulting takes on responsibility for representing your company vis-à-vis your customers and target groups in Turkey. We operate as a central point of contact for all matters and questions surrounding your brand and the representation of it.

  Customs management

Despite the 1996 Customs Union agreement between the EU and Turkey, the rules regularly change, or supplementary customs charges are applied to products within particular branches – sometimes at very short notice. Brantail Consulting provides you with expert assistance around questions relating to customs – from current customs rules and regulations for your goods and applying for the necessary import documents, right up to the end customer.

Phase IV

Securing + optimising revenues

You can continue to rely on us after the successful implementation of your market-entry strategy. Your business now has strong foundations – the best guarantor of growth. Our service encompasses everything you need to stabilise your presence in Turkey and to increase your revenue sustainably.

  Quality assurance

Our continued attention ensures your business operations in Turkey consistently deliver quality. We support you with a large number of activities – e.g. test purchases, quality assurance according to HACCP principles, POS visits, visits to producers and much more. Just ask us for advice!

  Employee training and development

Developing your staff in Turkey into customer advisors who are entrepreneurial in their thoughts and actions should not be left to chance. We offer assistance in assembling a highly motivated, intercultural team with a common purpose. This includes carefully designed training courses that familiarise your new employees with your goods and/or services as well as your sales strategies.

  Category Management

Stocking your shelves according to Turkish customers’ buying habits and preferences is proven to increase revenue, sales, and earnings as well as end-customer satisfaction. Which high-demand categories need to be extended? What trends need to be taken into account? Are there products on the shelves that should be removed from the assortment? In particular for trade in consumer goods, category management is a great opportunity – make the most of it with us at your side!

Success with Category Management. The foundation of high revenue in Turkey: Knowing what flies off the shelves – for assortments and product positioning that are close to your target group.